9th Annual Responsible Gaming Academy

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Vienna, 27 February 2012

Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries will be hosting their 9th annual Responsible Gaming Academy in Studio 44, Vienna on 20 and 21 March 2012. This year, over 200 experts and representatives of the Casinos Austria Group’s operations in Austria and around the globe will be travelling to Vienna to hear top-caliber presentations, find out more about the latest research and attend special workshops on responsible gaming and player protection issues.

The program for the 9th Responsible Gaming Academy includes a number of well-known researchers and industry experts.

Dr. Jeffrey L. Derevensky of McGill University in Canada, will present lessons learned and the results of research examining the relationship between physical abuse, psychological abuse and neglect and its impact on gambling behavior in young adults.

Dr. Peter R. Darke of Schulich School of Business in Canada will be talking about the effects that lucky events and belief in personal good luck can have on gambling behavior. Both Dr. Derevensky and Dr Darke were recently appointed to the Board of Directors of the Responsible Gambling Council of Canada.

Dr. Jens Kalke of the Center for Interdisciplinary Addiction Research at the University of Hamburg in Germany will present recommendations for the prevention of undesirable behavior or situations in the gambling sector in Austria based on the findings of a multi-module study carried out in 2009/2010.

Doris Malischnig, Head of the Prevention Department in the CF Responsible Gaming, Advertising & Sponsoring, will discuss the implementation of some of the measures recommended by the research team at Casinos Austria/Austrian Lotteries.

Professor Herwig Scholz of Krankenhaus de La Tour in Austria is Medical Director at the hospital’s gambling addiction outpatient clinic. In his presentation, he introduces a new university seminar set up to facilitate knowledge transfer and synthesize expertise in player protection, problem prevention, therapy options, social support, and other gambling related areas.

Herbert Beck, Head of the CF Responsible Gaming, Advertising & Sponsoring at the Casinos Austria/ Austrian Lotteries Group, outlines the need for responsible gaming standards and principles as a prerequisite for certification in the gaming industry. He also illustrates how such principles form an integral part of daily business in the Austrian group’s broad portfolio of gambling products and services.

Michael Auer, co-founder of a2mlab in Austria, presents a new system for optimizing individual responsible gaming strategies in the online sector. Developed by a2mlab in cooperation with Professor Mark Griffiths of the UK’s Nottingham Trent University, Mentor uses the latest scientific findings and technology to provide active player protection.

About the Responsible Gaming Academy

The Casinos Austria / Austrian Lotteries Responsible Gaming Academy is designed to provide the group’s manager’s and responsible gaming officers with an opportunity to meet for two days of intensive presentations, training and networking. The invitation-only event is organized each year by the Group’s Corporate Function Responsible Gaming, Advertising & Sponsoring as part of its extensive program of information and training activities.

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