European Casino Association Concludes Code of Conduct for Members

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Vienna, 22 March 2012

Vienna – At its latest board meeting, the European Casino Association (ECA) concluded its Code of Conduct for licensed European casino operators. Central to this Code of Conduct is the commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As ECA Board Member and Casinos Austria Director Dietmar Hoscher explains: “Given the high level of attention paid to the gambling sector in the international media, we felt that the ECA members had to send a clear signal to strengthen the reputation of regulated and licensed casino operators in Europe.”

Responsible gaming is naturally a core element in the ECA Code of Conduct, but its principles also cover issues like environmental protection, the careful use of resources, the prevention of money laundering and a general commitment to social responsibility and a social mandate. Through their pledge to this Code of Conduct, the ECA members confirm their commitment to transparency and cooperation with all stakeholders and send a clear signal of their intent to secure and maintain public confidence in licensed and regulated casino operators in ECA member states.

“It is also important to us to communicate that the ECA members don’t just pay lip service to this Code of Conduct, they have being living and working by its principles for many years,” added Hoscher. He also underscored the pioneering role Casinos Austria has played when it comes to corporate responsibility and sustainability: “In early 2000, Casinos Austria became one of the first gambling operators worldwide to implement systematic CSR management. Since then, we have published regular reports on our CSR activities.”

About the ECA
The European Casino Association represents the interests of licensed casino operators and national industry associations in 22 countries across Europe, who together employ over 60,000 people in some 800 casinos.

A copy of the European Casino Association Code of Conduct can be downloaded from the ECA website at

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