Founded in 1977 to consolidate the Casinos Austria Group’s international activities under one roof, Casinos Austria International (CAI) has since gone from strength to strength and is now a leading player in the global gaming industry. We remain at the top of a constantly evolving and dynamic gaming industry by offering a comprehensive portfolio of casino management and development services and are known throughout the gaming industry for our expertise in managing casinos. We specialize in all aspects of casino management and development, enjoy international renown for our know-how and expertise, and our reputation for success is unrivaled in the industry.


Tradition, innovation, integrity, responsibility to society, security and service excellence are the cornerstones of Casinos Austria International’s strong reputation and proven track record of success. Over the last four decades, we have realized more than 300 casino projects in all corners of the globe. Our commitment to excellence and the provision of highest quality gaming and customer service is evident in all our casinos, where our professional staff are always on hand to ensure our guests enjoy the ultimate gaming experience.


We take our responsibility to society with the utmost seriousness and are committed to providing maximum entertainment with minimum risk to guests. We actively promote responsible gaming in all our operations, working closely with international experts and national authorities to implement appropriate measures and procedures. We respect the limits of our business and serve throughout the industry as a benchmark for responsible gaming programs. At Casinos Austria International, responsible gaming is not just a buzzword, it is a firmly rooted principle in our corporate philosophy


Our group is a recognized leader in the implementation and development of methods to promote responsible gaming, combat money laundering, protect data, guarantee information security and fight corruption. We are also recognized for our comprehensive approach to CSR and are viewed here as pioneers in the industry as a whole. Sustainability and responsibility in our daily business and in our ongoing cooperation and work with society are central pillars of our corporate success.