Casinos Austria International’s success in the global casino industry is due in great part to our professional, experienced and dedicated staff. It is these professionals and their unrivaled wealth of know-how and expertise who give us that all-important competitive edge over other casino operators.
Our Executive Board is based at our Head Office in Vienna and is supported by an outstanding team of professionals around the globe.

Christoph Zurucker-Burda

Chief Executive Officer

Christoph Zurucker-Burda studied Business Administration at Vienna University of Economics and Business, where he specialized in Business Taxation and Investment Banking and Capital Market Communication. He also spent one semester abroad at the University of South Australia in Adelaide. After graduating, he joined the tax consultancy TPA Horwath in Vienna as a Tax Advisor, moved in 2007 to BDO Auxilia as an Auditor and Certified Tax Advisor and subsequently assumed the position of Senior Fund Manager with a large real estate property fund. He joined Casinos Austria International as Executive Vice President Finance in 2011, was appointed Chief Financial Officer in December 2013 and Chief Executive Officer in July 2018. Christoph Zurucker-Burda is a qualified auditor and certified tax advisor.

Richard Hainzl

Managing Director

Richard Hainzl studied Electrical Engineering at Vienna Technical University (TU Wien) where he also gained his PhD while employed as a Research Assistant at the Institute for Control Engineering. He later worked at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in a variety of roles (consultancy and project management) before joining Casinos Austria AG in 1994 as IT and Organizational Development Manager. In July 2008, he transferred to Casinos Austria International where he assumed responsibility for the provision of key support functions in areas including casino operations and online gaming based at the company’s headquarters in Vienna. Richard Hainzl was appointed Managing Director of Casinos Austria International in July 2018.