VIAGE awarded with Certificate of Excellence

Recognized for Excellence in Belgian Hospitality and Trade Quality

On 20 June VIAGE became the proud recipients of a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from the City of Brussels, presented by Mayor Philippe Close and the college of aldermen. This prestigious award recognises both the active involvement in the programme of ‘Clefs d’Or Belgium - Excellence in Belgian Hospitality’ and the commitment and dedication to the quality of trade in Brussels.

Golden Keys

Les Clefs d’Or is an association of hotel concierges that strives for excellence in the hospitality industry. It was established in 1937 and Brussels is among its founders. Members can be recognised by the two crossed gold keys that adorn the concierges’ uniforms, the symbol of their dedication to first-class service. The aim is to provide each guest with an unforgettable experience through expert advice and personalised service. Every year they fulfil countless requests from guests, ranging from simple to complex.

Viage is a proud partner of Les Clefs d’Or Belgium. That means Viage works closely with this elite association to maintain the highest possible standard of hospitality. The partnership helps to offer their guests the best service through shared knowledge and expertise.

Viage contribution

In addition to their involvement with Les Clefs d’Or Belgium, VIAGE is also actively working to support local commerce in Brussels. For starters, they obviously employ several hundred people. They also work closely with local entrepreneurs and suppliers to present a wide range of high-quality products and services to their guests. But there’s more. The efforts also include organizing events and activities that support local cultural initiatives such as the Brussels Jazz Weekend and Winter Pleasures and also to provide a platform for local artists to present their work.

All these initiatives contribute to the dynamism and vitality of the Brussels community and they strengthen Brussels’ reputation as a vibrant city.

The awarding of the ‘Certificate of Excellence’ by the City of Brussels is a reward for Viage continuous efforts. Viage is honoured to receive this recognition and is looking forward to continuing their commitment to quality and hospitality.